Did I Leave The Stove On?

January 31, 2017No comments

This is a question that has haunted people for as long as the modern stove has existed.  Indeed, it has become such a common Hollywood trope, so as to be a cliche.  And yet, it is still a real problem.  Perhaps even more so in today’s always busy, ever hurried world.

Fortunately, there’s an app for that!  Well, an app, and a couple of gadgets.

Currently funding on Kickstarter is the Inirv React.  Billed as, “…the smartest, most beautifully designed device that keeps you safe and allows you to use your stove like never before,” and makes any stove the latest addition to “the internet of things.”  Inirv React is a system that uses a set of replacement burner knobs, a ceiling-mounted sensor, and a smartphone app.

The “knob unit” is powered by rechargeable batteries and is packed with technology.  It lights up, has a built-in timer, talks to the sensors and your phone, it has wifi, Bluetooth, and probably more computer power than the entire Apollo space program combined.  The “sensor unit” keeps an eye on your kitchen from the ceiling, using gas, smoke, and motion detectors.  It’ll automatically shut off your stove if it senses high levels of gas or smoke, or if it doesn’t detect anyone in the kitchen for a period of time of your choosing.  And of course the smartphone app keeps you in control of it all, and it alerts you when something’s gone wrong.

Check out their Kickstarter video:

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