How to Design Bathroom Cabinets: 5 Steps

January 13, 2012No comments

This week we were asked to design custom bathroom cabinets for a client. She wants to match her existing cabinetry style and needs this cabinetry in the master bath.

CliqStudios bathroom cabinets double vanity

Double vanity drawing example from CliqStudios

Here are the steps we took to design the new cabinetry:

1) Determine Space

First we asked her about the existing space. She wants the new cabinet to fit the existing space with a countertop height of about 33 inches. Bathroom counters can range from 31–36 inches high.

2) Examine Function

The new cabinets need to have two sinks like her existing vanity. The existing vanity has storage behind doors below each sink. There are also drawers between the sink storage. We decided to keep the functional storage in the new design.

3) Identify Style

Our client prefers a drop-in sink with a traditional shape, and she would like painted cabinets with partial overlay doors. We will be faux finishing the cabinetry to match the rest of the home.

4) Consider Storage

Our client also wants additional storage, and we will be adding a small counter top cabinet between the sinks to accomplish this. The door will feature seeded glass with a fabric curtain to hide bathroom clutter.

5) Countertop and Hardware Selection

We already know that we will be using Cambria countertops like the rest of the home with traditional French influenced cabinet hardware.

For more help designing your cabinetry, contact CliqStudios for expertise in designing your next kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or entertainment area cabinetry at 800-350-1242.

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