Our Customer’s Favorite Kitchen Storage Cabinets

March 29, 2012No comments

One of our customers runs the popular AkronOhioMoms.com blog and she recently wrote about her favorite storage cabinets from CliqStudios that she has in her recently remodeled kitchen.

Here’s some highlights from her post that detail why these kitchen storage solutions are her favorite!

CliqStudios Kitchen Cabinets Storage - Pantry with Roll-Out Cabinets

Pantry with Roll-Out Cabinets

1. Kitchen Pantry with Roll-Out Trays

“By far, the CliqStudios PC308424-ROT Pantry with roll out trays is my favorite and most-used cabinet in the whole kitchen. Although they offer larger, the 30″ Pantry is perfect for our family of 4…Tessa did a great job giving us all of the kitchen must-haves on our list while making it flow naturally in the layout…I am so happy we chose the pantry and that Tessa was able to fit it into our kitchen layout. The Kitchen Pantry Cabinet is a must have kitchen cabinet to store all your food conveniently in one place.


CliqStudios Kitchen Cabinets Storage Solutions - Lazy Super Susan

2. Lazy Susan

“My kids are still amazed by the Super Lazy Susan…I like it because I can store a LOT of food in it and it is all easily accessible…Being in a corner base cabinet, a lazy susan is the best use of space by far. Otherwise, it is a wasted corner cabinet. The Lazy Susan is a must have kitchen cabinet to utilize space!


CliqStudios Kitchen Cabinets Storage - Tray Divider

3. Tray Divider Base Cabinet

“The CliqStudios TB18R Tray Divider cabinet is amazing…I can organize all of my trays easily now. The spaces are adjustable, so if you have more cookie sheets than serving trays, you can give yourself more room wherever needed.”


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