One-on-One with CliqStudios: Online Kitchen Design

October 19, 20112 comments

CliqStudios Carlton kitchen cabinets for the Brazelton home Kitchen Designer AJ Johnson’s work for the Brazelton’s

This week we are working with Kitchen Designer AJ Johnson to design the MinnePHit/Brazelton kitchen project. Like every real project, there are hurdles. In this case, we are retrofitting a modern kitchen into a 1935 space.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) What do you really need?
The Brazeltons are a family of five so they need a lot of working space for their kitchen. They would like three spots at the island for their children to perch for quick mealtimes and they would like to increase their storage capacity. We’ve been very efficient in building in the storage, recycling, and even a secondary prep area. Prioritize how you will most likely use the space.

2) Choose Your Appliances.
The Brazeltons are a cooking family. They make a number of their meals from scratch and like to use a lot of fresh ingredients. Their refrigeration is critically important for maintaining their fresh food. They chose to anchor their kitchen with a Subzero refrigerator.

3) Now choose your cabinetry door style and finishes.
The new kitchen is going to be transitional with a vanilla finish and a sable finish. Bstyle, inc., our design firm, will incorporate sophisticated greys to pull together a long lasting kitchen design. We are looking for a slab of granite and backsplash tile now.

Our process with AJ and has been so easy. AJ first had a planning session with the Brazeltons and then we worked with her to polish the design. AJ’s knowledge of spacing and workflow has really helped the kitchen design come together. Our next step is to finalize the appliance and cabinet order.


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