Take Advantage of Chaos: Start a Remodel Notebook

December 15, 2014No comments

Stress Reveals a Kitchen’s Shortcomings

You may be thinking about remodeling your kitchen in the coming year. Maybe you will start planning after the busy holiday season, when you’ve made gift returns, stocked up on bargains, and worked off the holiday pounds.

That schedule is fine, with one exception. There is no time like the busy present to start a journal of what doesn’t work! First item: buy a spiral bound notebook. Enlist the entire family in recording every wish, want and horror story produced by the frantic activity.

What you may learn:

holiday calendar-square
You had ten minutes to get a healthy meal on before you left for the kids’ holiday program. What you learned: every family member, including the dog, has to walk between your sink and refrigerator on the way to the back door.

This year was your year to host the main course at the neighborhood progressive dinner. What you learned: For your entertaining style, a double oven is simply a requirement. And that stain-attracting white marble counter you thought about by the bar? Forget it.

Your foodie friends dropped by for cocktails and a snack hors d’oeuvres. What you learned: Your kitchen really needs a dry bar out of the main work zone. And a two-tier island will double as a serving counter while concealing some of the cooking clutter (and that naughty pre-mixed dough box).

Your sister (and her small children) came to bake family recipe cookies. What you learned: You have no safe place to set a large hot cookie sheet without carrying it over the heads of toddlers.

These notes on traffic, safety and cooking style, along with magazine clippings, photos of friends’ kitchens, and material samples, will become the core of your kitchen remodel idea book.

What do you think? Do you have some holiday kitchen horror stories? Share your thoughts.


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