Black Stainless Appliances

January 19, 2017No comments

The next “big thing” in appliance finishes, or just another trend that’s here today and gone tomorrow?

Samsung Black Stainless AppliancesStainless Steel appliances started gaining popularity sometime in the mid 1990’s.  One theory that attempts to explain that timing is the parallel rise of the “cooking show.”  These TV cooks would normally be working in a commercial kitchen, using commercial appliances, which for many years prior had been finished in stainless steel.  It didn’t take long for homeowners to want those appliances, or at least that look, in their own kitchens as well.

Stainless’ enduring appeal is likely rooted in its elemental quality. The color and texture of the metal are inherently timeless, and will at least always match your cutlery and DeLorean.  However, there’s been a new shade of Stainless that has started to crop up since early 2016.

“Black” stainless steel appliances are starting to be introduced by more and more manufacturers, including KitchenAid, Samsung, and LG.  Although most are hush-hush about how they go about changing the color of stainless, for most it seems to be combination of a dark-hued metal finish, sealed with a clear protective coating.  One major feature of these black stainless appliances is that they all claim to be highly fingerprint and smudge-proof.

The look itself is a lot bolder than traditional stainless.  A more modern take that works especially well in industrial-inspired spaces, and is beautifully offset by cabinets in bright or primary colors.

Will “Black” finally supplant traditional stainless as the go-to look for kitchens?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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