AkronOhioMoms’ CliqStudios Review

January 12, 2012No comments

At CliqStudios.com, we enjoy hearing from our customers about their experiences with our design process and cabinets. So when we find CliqStudios reviews online, we love to share them on our blog so other visitors can read real Cliq customer experiences.

Cindy, who runs the wonderful AkronOhioMoms blog, recently shared her thoughts about buying her kitchen cabinets online from CliqStudios. Cindy and Matt, her husband, started shopping for cabinets at a big box store, but found it to be a “frustrating, time-consuming experience that ended in a quote way out of [their] budget.”

Kitchen Cabinets kitchen design from CliqStudios

Using the Fairmont Maple door style, Tessa created a great kitchen layout featuring space-saving, storage solutions and a unique, two-tiered kitchen island.

After connecting with Tessa, their CliqStudios designer, Cindy learned that “CliqStudios is a better value than big box retailers, both in pricing and quality,” and loved “all the bells and whistles that come standard with CliqStudios.”

Cindy provided Tessa with some preliminary ideas for their kitchen design. After ordering samples, Cindy and Matt chose Fairmont doors, which are in the inset kitchen cabinets style, with a Maple Caramel Jute Glaze finish. Tessa modeled the kitchen similar to their original idea, but “added all the special cabinets, shelves, and touches [Cindy and Matt] wanted and more.”

To sum up her experience, Cindy said: “If you would have asked me if I would buy kitchen cabinets online last month, I would have said no. I would have said no because I didn’t know how easy it would be, how much money I would save, and how quick! CliqStudios…[makes] ordering cabinets easy, fast, and affordable.”

Thanks Cindy! We’re excited to see your final kitchen product. The designs look great so far!


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