Add Color Without Painting (Part 3): Floor and Window Coverings

February 15, 20123 comments

Overdyed rug adds color in this great room.

Art Director Barbara Schmidt, bstyle, inc. Photographer Tim Nehotte

Lots of landlords won’t let you paint because over time, layers and layers of paint look bad, especially in the corners. So you are stuck with neutral walls but that doesn’t mean you can’t add blocks of color here and there.

Floor Coverings

• Can’t find that perfect color in a rug? Stencil a colorful pattern on a sisal or jute rug. Make up a stencil and choose any color to match your décor.

Look for remnant rug pieces that can be bound. This is an inexpensive way to get large color impact for not much cost.

• Want a brightly colored option that blends with older furniture? Look for the new overdyed rugs in Kilims or patched, reworked vintage rugs. These new saturated rugs are a great way to build a foundation of interest and an exotic look (see pictured).

Paint a floor canvas. Buy a large drop cloth and paint it a color that matches your décor. Also, you can stencil it with a pattern for a more detailed, personalized look. Hem the edges and add a rug pad underneath to prevent slippage.

If all else fails, purchase a colorful rug.

Window Coverings

Source colorful roller, Roman or pleated shades with bright colors and/or patterns. 

Hang fabric curtains across a wall or around a window. Customize your look by choosing silks or textured drapery yardage from fabric stores.

Hang sheers over windows with heavier panels to the outside for a sophisticated look. This is the perfect opportunity to blend colors and patterns to add interest to the room scape.

Can’t hang curtains? Take a paneled screen and add colored fabric or a sheer for light to bounce through. The screen will add privacy and the color will add interest to update the entire room.

Don’t miss Part 1 of our series about Adding Color Without Painting Walls and Part 2 about Furniture and Lighting.


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