Add Color Without Painting (Part 1): Walls

February 1, 2012No comments

Abstract artwork

Found Abstract Artwork

Many landlords won’t let renters paint their space because over time, layers and layers of paint look bad, especially in the corners. So, often renters are stuck with neutral walls. But, that doesn’t mean  blocks of color can’t be added here and there. Here’s how to do it.


Find a big art piece with color. Abstracts are great for anchoring a room without overtaking it with a figure or face. I found the pictured abstract at an antique store and added the red and orange, making it perfect for a bathroom we designed.

Add wall decals. Wall decals are sold everywhere, and custom-made versions are for sale on Etsy. This is a playful way to add nature and/or bright pops of color to the room décor.

Try temporary wallpapers. Not only can you choose your own pattern and color, you could also create your own wallpaper.

Create your own artwork or mural with digital photos. Manipulate your photos to create a collection of graphic colored pieces. Frame them in similar styled or colored frames for a collectible look.

Spray paint found items to hang on the wall. Can’t find that large piece of artwork? Take a big sculptural piece from an antique store, and spray it that color you need to start your room’s décor.

Framed mirrors can also be sprayed if you can’t find the right color off the shelf. Custom mirrors can be made to fit any size, shape and color that is right for your space.

Shop for color.

Check out Part 2 of our Add Color Without Painting Series: Furniture and Lighting; and Part 3: Floor and Window Coverings.


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