2011′s Latest and Greatest: Award-Winning Architecture

February 6, 20122 comments

The State of Minnesota’s chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) awarded several firms for their outstanding work across the country. A recent Star Tribune article featured everything from a north woods cabin to a California college. Some dwellings were small, and others were large, commercial spaces.

North Woods Weehouse designed by Alchemy Architects

North Woods Weehouse designed by Alchemy Architects

The overriding feel of the spaces is to blur the structures with nature, bringing the outside in. Large windows and open formats thematically play across the prestigious list of honorees. Recycling was another theme where rainwater nourishes roof plantings and theaters are built into abandoned whale tanks at the Minnesota Zoo.

One of our favorite firms to watch is Minneapolis’ Alchemy, architects and founders of the WeeHouse. One of their projects made the hot list this year — a simple two-room home installed in the Texas dessert. Alchemy is giving an option to build that reasonably priced and high-styled space just about anywhere.

Another favorite project this year was the Gunflint Lake Cabin designed by VJAA, another Minneapolis firm. The simplicity of the two-box design is so respectful of the environment: they were able to save the large Cedar trees on site. The clean approach is admirable considering the steep, organic lay of the land.


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  1. Lee Reply

    What is the status for placing one of these homes in the state of New York? Are they accepted or turned down in rural areas? Also, what is the
    “general cost” for a mid sized home?

    • Cliq Cabinets Reply

      Hello Lee,

      We want everyone to have the kitchen of their dreams, and we would be delighted to work with you. As for general cost, that depends on a variety of factors, like doorstyle, color, and other kitchen upgrades. We recommend starting with a quick quote to get an idea of how much your kitchen will cost. You can fill one out here: http://www.cliqstudios.com/quick-quote/

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