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The Beauty of Birch

Birch kitchen cabinets are very versatile and can be used in spaces with any interior design style, from casual to sophisticated. Birch is a medium-density hardwood with a firm, durable surface. It is known to accept finishes well and provide an even, consistent look across cabinets. Birch features a distinct, moderate grain pattern that ranges from straight to curly or wavy, and has a fine, uniform texture.

CliqStudios.com offers birch cabinets in the Rockford and Dayton styles in the Birch Sable finish. The richness of the Sable finish pairs nicely with the simplicity of the Rockford shaker kitchen cabinets and Dayton mission kitchen cabinets to create a clean, contemporary look.

Characteristics of Birch

The predominant sapwood color of birch is white to creamy yellow. However, the heartwood varies in color from medium or dark brown to reddish brown. Mineral streaks and variations in grain do appear in birch.

The natural features described below are normal and are not considered defects:

  • • Creamy yellow to reddish brown tones
  • • Mineral streaks will appear darker with stain
  • • Wavy, curly, bird's eye and burl graining that will appear
  •    darker with stain, depending on the color
  • • Variations within a single door and among adjacent cabinets
  • • The image to the left is unstained birch hardwood

Available Birch Door Styles